Friday, November 28, 2008

Zimbio Blogs and Social Networks is one of the most unique and interesting sites exploding across the Internet today. The slogan says "An Interactive Magazine With Over 10 Million Readers a Month" and I second that and add "The most inventive, automatic, categorizer of articles and blog posts I have ever seen" :)

In essence, Zimbio collects all the posts (text, video, photo, etc.) from every members blog submitted to Zimbio by the member (and any additional articles, posts, photos, etc. these members submit directly to Zimbio), slot them out into Video Games and Gaming, Blogs and Social Networks, Google, Historical Fiction, PC Games, Philosophy Articles, Free Advertising, Generic MLM Info, Internet Marketing, Current Events in America, Quotes, Supreme Court Rulings, Historical Jesus, Twitter, Free Stuff and Freebies, Social Bookmarkmarking, the list here is extensive. Each individual "grouping" of the posts then falls into this "category" or Wiki :) That was also created by one of the members of Zimbio :)

Brilliant, unique, and very clever of the creators of this wonderful Zimbio network. Zimbio has a company wikizine, check out the feed:

Zimbio - Recent Contributions - Zimbio

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With Zimbio, getting out the news, information, and relavent stories of the day is top priority. Get your Internet 411 right here at

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