Monday, November 17, 2008

Social Toolbars and Virtual Worlds

In my questing for social toolbars and virtual worlds, I came across a virtual worlds site that had a host of online virtual worlds. This site contains a massive listing of cool virtual worlds sites like beta/

What a nifty site! Place images or video over each other (layering) when creating your profile page here, reduce the opacity to make them transparent (need Adobe Macro Media Shockwave Player for this one) No worries :)

Visit for the page that I set up :) with no download but with an option to upgrade to become a citizen of Spine World is a site geared toward younger virtual world explorers. Create your avatar, go on quests and make new friends. This site has an awesome parents area with security features, code of conduct, and more.

With every site that you join, be sure to state your correct ages, especially those under age 13, so the security measures can be used to watch your backs and protect you.

At Spine World, you get "Flown In", as you fly in you get a short tutorial to get you acquainted with game play. This is a fun site for all ages but really geared toward pre teens and teens.

No post on Virtual Worlds could be complete without The very coolest social networks are the gaming social networks and Ogre Island has an interesting and pleasant group of regular players that are helpful and friendly. Respect them and they will respect you :)

As with any gaming social network, No Spamming, No Begging, and No Foul or Nasty Language. Be nice and you will be treated nice in return and always, no matter which forum, social network, virtual world, or community you join, Read The Guides and Rules before you begin to ask questions :)

Social Toolbars are downloadable toolbars for your browser window that also incorporate a "Social" factor. The most impressive in this arena is The social networking virtual world toolbar system that is also a website social networking community that offers free advertising, flash gaming, Google group, information, fast searches, one clicks to popular blogs and social networks, toolbar capabilities such as a radio and email notifier and much more :)

Onto a short list of some other choice sites: (free to join)

Sims Online (Purchased) (30 day free trial and then monthly fee)

Disneys Toontown (free trial and then monthly fee)

Virtual Magic Kingdom (free)

Pirates of the Caribbean Online
(free to download free to play) (free to download and play) (more on IMVU in my next post) (comes as a download toolbar free) A virtual "Doll" that you can take to the "Mall" with head bubble chat. A world of fun all in one toolbar.

Yohoho Puzzle Pirates (An Online Pirate World of Fun! All Free!) (free access for one basic account) Read all the start up information under "What is Second Life?". Create your avatar and visit Second Life Lands requires a download with all info on site. This is a huge place with loads of information on how to become a resident here.

Well, here a but a few of the coolest in social toolbars and virtual worlds around the net. Enjoy!

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