Monday, June 30, 2008

Stevie Haile for 2008 Presidential Election

Who would have thought? Stevie Haile for the 2008 Presidential Election? Way to go and God Bless America!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Avoid The "Scaries" Part Two

Everyone who is active or just a weekly visitor the Social Network Scene should fully be aware how to spot a “Scary” and how to handle yourself NOT deal with them. You see, there is no “dealing” with them as they are generally not rational thinkers who exist in the same plane of life rules and morals as most people do.

Of course, the very best, hands down way to avoid the scaries is make your profile private and only invite and except friends that you already know well. They can still ask to become your friend, and judging a book by its cover is never the way to go. If you are going to go private, only accept your friends.

Another way to avoid the scaries is to first go and take a look at their profiles, look at their top friends, read their about me section. If you have any doubt, trust yourself and don’t add them.

If you are a female and a guy is looking to “get to know you better” check out the top friends list. Is it all girls? Are they half dressed? Ummmmm… there’s a clue. Same, only reversed if you are a guy. Although, some guys dig that (double standard you know :)

If you receive an unwanted message, do NOT send one back explaining that you no longer want messages :) If, indeed, they are creepy, you will not get the support you need from the sites administrator because you also contacted them.

What these scaries sometime do, is blast out the same exact messages to numerous people who “fit their Profile”. Then they wait to see who answers them. They then weed through the replys to find the reply they are looking for. I personally have not crawled into the mind of the scaries to exactly what they are looking for, so I cannot help here. I can express my certainty though that if you do not answer, you are far more likely NOT to answer what they are looking for :)

Don’t let it get to you, and don’t do anything stupid if people spread rumors about you. Too many senseless suicides from teenagers to adults. Focus not on what was done to you, focus on anything else. Visit other social networks for a while, stay away and try not to even think on it. Sometimes a very difficult proposition at best, if you cannot get it all out of your thoughts, stay off the computer for a while. Get out, do something fun.

If the problem lies with “so-called” friends that attend your school, work, or interact with you daily, then you may need to approach this a bit differently. First, you will need to talk to family, teachers, principle, good neighbor, or other “real” friends about this, instead of “hiding” it all and attempting to deal with this all yourself, talk to a guidance counselor, security guard, or other named individual above.

Always remain better than them by not stooping to the muckraking levels. Trying to be evil and nasty when your nature is the opposite will be just like leaving your home town to walk around the streets of a crazy, dangerous city. You don’t know how to navigate it, you won’t know which way to turn, but these scaries are quite practiced in their nasty ways and know exactly which way to turn, what vehicle to use, and where the authorities hang out. A fish out of water is where you would be. AND… what will the people you tell about this situation think when you are doing the exact same thing to those scaries in retaliation as they did to you? Don’t play the game at all. They always make up the rules as they go along anyway, so there is no way to combat it alone.

Here are some sites that will help with Cyber Bullies:

Scruff McGruffs Site:






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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How To Avoid The "Scaries"

There are some incredible and remarkable on the Internet today. But, what does incredible and remarkable mean exactly? Most people see these words as positive from the first read or at first hearing. But, incredible could mean "so extraordinary as to seem impossible" OR it also means "not credible; hard to believe; unbelievable" Hmmmmm? Not credible? Quite another take from the norm and the masses, yes? Then, let's take a gander at the word Remarkable. Seth Godin says that remarkable simply means "something other people remark about" :)

Now, we all remark about incredible things like Home Runs, Perfect touchdowns, Beautiful Houses, Head Line News, Informative Blogs, and of course, The Weather. :)

We remark about both the "bad" and "good" in things. This blog topic is going to cover the remarkable in the arena of "Scaries On The Net".

There is a certain (unnamed) site out there who lets its visitors remain completely anonymous while bashing and dissing anyone, anytime, about anything, true or not with absolutely no owning up to the post whatsoever.

This is just an embarrassment to the site, the owner, and to to the faceless, nameless, cowards who read, post, and bash people while being AFRAID to use their own name as the author.

Spreading evil, nasty rumors online, speaking badly of others to the World, is GOING to come back to you whether you believe it is not or don't believe it. Liars Lie, Cheaters Cheat, Manipulators Manipulate, and Users Use. End of line. So, what can people who do not do this do about them? ..... Absolutely nothing! What we can do is decide how WE are going to deal with situations, How WE handle ourselves in this line of fire, abuse, and being taken advantage of.

Contrary to popular belief it is NOT Human nature to wish, do, or create bad situations for others. It is NOT Human nature to step on, HATE, or otherwise dismember an individual because that person is jealous, powerful, or just because they CAN.

If someone has harmed you, the more attention you focus on that situation, the more fuel you feed the fire. On most social networks you are able to send the inappropriate message to the Administrator of the site, if there is not an option to do this, plain and simply, do not visit that social network. Find friendlier social networks to enjoy.

Part 2 Of "Avoid The Scaries" will come tommorow...


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blogs and Social Networks Shelfari

Look at the excitement at Shelfari!

On Your My Whats New Page you will find Pending Requests, Whats New, My Reviews and New Ratings. Along with bigger photos and whats popular, the Shelfari updates are brilliant :)

"We spent a lot of time talking with our members, seeking to understand how they use the site and what appeared to be missing in their experience. In those conversations, we found a very passionate group of members who love Shelfari and regularly use its sharing and expression features." Read More:

Learn Even More About the Updates at Shelfari:

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Video Games and Social Networks

Tonight on Blog Talk Radio Show, Wyverex aka Dalton Haile (my brother) will be the guest speaking on Video Games and Gaming Social Networks, Forums, and Chat enhanced Video Games. It will be a great show, all shows are also recorded for your listening leisure :)

Blog Talk Radio Shows are informative, an awesome time and fun. Check it all out today.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

My VM Team Wordpress Blogs and Social Networks

What a brilliant blogsite My VM Team has going on over at wordpress. Very impressive crew of Internet Marketers over at My VM Team, with testimonies, great successes heard, and incredible tips on marketing in general. Take a minute to visit this intense Vitual marketing team.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Have you seen this cool site yet?

More to come with tips and cool tricks here ... bbs

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


There is a very large group of music people here at Pownce! The backgrounds or layout choices are cool, they have a post a note system that is similar to Twitter but has much more to offer at Pownce. Posting a micro mini blog statement is like Twitter and should draw an interest to Twitter users. At Pownce, you can enhance these mini posts with uploaded files like You Tube Videos, but not just posting the link although you can do that as well, but post the link and the actual video here on Pownce.

Upload MP3's for others to download, upload a photo file for others to upload as well.

List all of your other social network profiles as a link on your home page too.

There is an option at Pownce to "go pro" for only $20 US a year.

Check Out Pownce for a great social network:

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