Sunday, August 31, 2008

KidZui The Internet For Kids

KidZui The Internet For Kids

Free to Download, Content is reviewed by teachers and parents so your kids can surf independently.

A revolutionary new kids’ browser that makes surfing the Internet fun and easy for kids from 3-12.

Stay in tune with your kids with weekly e-mails and online reports keeping you up-to-date with your kids' online activities.

Check out the latest safe and secure browser just for kids :)

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Twitter On The Go

Twitter on the go, step by steps :)

Look on the right hand side of your profile after logging into Twitter and clicking "profile". There will be 2 choices here, web only and phone, click the phone option for Twitter on the go.

You will asked then for your cell phone number and you will receive a text message. Follow the text message directions.

You will receive another text saying you are good to go :)

Save this number in your phone, so you will have it whenever you want to Tweet at Twitter :)

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Updates Blog Nut Toolbar

Have you had a chance to check out the Blog Nut Toolbar yet? Its a free download toolbar that not only saves you time surfing the Internet, it has free advertising capabilities, social networks, chat features and more! Take a look at the update video:

Then take a look at the How To Blog Nut Toolbar Instruction for more :)

I enjoy the Blog Nut Toolbar immensely and I know it will save you time, searching, and give you a great option for free advertising to boot :)

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Learn Marketing Success Ning With Michael Curry

Learn Marketing Success at this awesome Blog Social Network. Nings are like a Blogging Social Network that everyone contributes to and has fun with :)

Learning Marketing Success is a step by step process, and honing in on what you like to do and combining the skills with what is working will get you there.

“Learn Marketing Success And Share Ideas With Others. Learn To Build A List, Use Free Advertising, Build A Down Line And Share Your Ideas.”

Come and Check out the new Ning Social Network With Michael Curry and Learning Marketing Success

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Google Labs 3D Chat Lively

Google Labs

Google Labs
Have you taken a visit lately to the excitement of Google Labs? After you read the terms, take a glance toward the upper left corner and click on Lively 3-D Chat! Chatting, Blogs and Social Networks Everywhere ;)
Lively Google Chat 3D

Lively Google Chat 3D
“Create an avatar and chat with your friends in rooms you design”

Create your own virtual space

Chat and interact with your friends in rooms you design

Express yourself

Customize your avatar and stream personal photos and video

Add your room to your site

Invite your friends to chat and help decorate

Lively 3D Chat is going to be too much fun, Visit Today ;)

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages? Part 4

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages?

Visit Blogs and Social Networks Blog Talk Radio For More

Differences Between Adults and Kids Online

The biggest noticable difference between kids and adults online, is that kids really know how to focus! Kudos to the kids, they pick their handful of sites and social networks and blogs and focus on their friends at these sites. They seem to blog about their passions and what is important to them, which attracts other like minded teens. They seek out like minded friends with ease, lessons learned from the youth of the net are priceless :)

Speaking of the very young though, According to the Huffington Post , there was a recent poll of 8 to 15 year old that resulted in 20% having actually met online strangers in real life. The results here showed 750,000 kids aged 8 to 15 are bypassing age restrictions at social networks by misrepresenting birthdays when they sign up. Two-thirds of them also admitted to having posted their schools and cell phone numbers on their profiles. Likewise, I have known seniors to "fudge" on their ages in the other direction, but with the younger crowd, it can get dangerous. Be sure to keep tabs on your younger crowd out there :)

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages? Part 3

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages?

Kids, Gamers, Adults, and Teens all flock to the Gamer Nook, a social network for Gamers by Gamers. Video Games and Gaming ... it's not just for kids anymore lol :)

But back to what I had mentioned yesterday: That kids seem to be the leader in navigation, catching on to the Internet mechanics, and focusing on what they are doing even with distraction afoot :) If you are having trouble navigating, setting up a profile, or just finding sites and searching (other than Googles help) get your children ages 5 and up :) to 20 plus, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to help you. They probably know more about the Internet than most and can actually sit with you and show you how to get going. We did make some helper videos on How To for Social Networks and Navigation if you would like to check them out at YouTube.

Sometimes adults online forget to focus and enjoy what they do, especially with Internet Marketing folks, sadly, it used to be more fun than work. Evaluate what you are doing and cut out the dreaded work stuff. Focus more on friends and the fun or the blogging if you are passionate about that.

Creation is cool! Make it fun, Make it very You, and remember that it is static (meaning it isn't readily going anywhere:)

To Be Continued...

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages? Part 2

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages?

Back to Gaming sites briefly. The main differences in Video Games and gaming choices and age differences seems to be ease of use, how comfortable people are with the game (from what era), and what each age group enjoys in their age group and as individuals. I know my Dad likes to play Hearts and Solitaire type games, my Mom enjoys Jeopardy, Scrabble online and word type games. There are even Social Network Toolbars available that have access to the coolest of games as well :) Try the free download Blog Nut Toolbar for some easy navigation, fun games, and getting connected with awesome people in a social network setting :)

Searching "Seniors" on the Google Search engine brought up loads of social network sites and information. Also, a link to the Yahoo search for "Seniors". The Yahoo directory gave links for mainly retirement communities, computers and the Internet, age discrimination, Events, Geriatrics, Organizations, and Active Adult Living sites. One I found laid out well and easy to navigate around was Senior Journal. A great site for seniors with Senior Citezen News and information Daily on the Web.

Seniors have long since left the safety nets of their email systems and home computer page zones and ventured out into forums, social networks, and blog sites :)

With sites like Seniors Search for everything from searches for seniors in business, entertainment, health and fitness, and society and culture, it is an outstanding helper site for seniors.

Kids seem to figure the mechanics of the Internet much faster than some adults do...

To Be Continued Tomorrow :)

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages?

Some Social Networks Attract by Age, while others have many ages from young to older.

Sites like Direct Matches attract a business minded crowd, generally between the ages of 20's to 30's through 50's and 60's. People with a business mindset, some Internet Marketers well known throughout the Internet, and others focusing solely on the Direct Matches site to market their online or offline businesses.

Other sites like Your Climbing for rock climbers will attract rock climbing enthusiasts, my guess is the ages here will be mainly in the late teens to 30 year olds ;) Some older of course, but maily around that age group. A "no brainer" you say? Pretty much just common sense. But what about Gaming Sites?

I think that Gaming choices are so varied that a blend of ages intermix in the gaming zones of the net. With card games, puzzles, MMORPGs, word games, mazes, and the like, every person has a favorite. With Ogre Island (my favorite lol), you play with everyone from senior citizens to very young children. The OI Staff keep the chat clean and it is a very family friendly game, free to play, and no download required :)

Various Social Networks Attract different age groups. MySpace has a healthy mix of age groups today but in the early days of MySpace, a lot of the younger crowd was attracted here mainly. Facebook started out in the late teen, twenty something crowd at first (when they were a college site strictly), but has progressed to include many ages along with organizations and groups set up for business, radio, Blogs and Social Networks, and Video Games and Gaming.

To Be Continued Tomorrow...

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Googles Social Network Orkut

Googles Social Network Orkut!

My Scrapbook where you and your friends can add "scraps" of stuff, photos, HTML, and messages. Change settings if you don't want just everyone to post scraps (you can restrict in the settings who can see your content), tag your friends, and have them "tag" you :)

Add Videos, Photos, Look up Tom from MySpace! He is there too, stop in and say hi :)

Come and visit Wavecritter too on Orkut, Googles Social Network :)

Blogs and Social Networks Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web Albums lets you "hold" all of your uploaded photos from Blogger, Orkut, all the Google Service Sites that you can upload a pic to! Create Albums and one of the coolest new features is to MAP your photos, like if you travel and have pictures from all over the country, you can hook them up on a map from the location you took them :)

Picasa Slide Shows, share them with your friends in Google Talk and watch them together. Put the URL from the Picasa Web Album up in the Google Talk chat and you can scroll through a slide show while chatting with your friends :) Fun Picasa, Thanks Google :)

Link Galleries with your friends, view your pics, small, bigger, biggest, your choice here. 1 gig free storage and counting :)

Speaking of keywords lol :), Picasa Web Albums and photos can be tagged with descriptions and keywords as well. All in one place :)

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