Sunday, August 17, 2008

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages? Part 3

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages?

Kids, Gamers, Adults, and Teens all flock to the Gamer Nook, a social network for Gamers by Gamers. Video Games and Gaming ... it's not just for kids anymore lol :)

But back to what I had mentioned yesterday: That kids seem to be the leader in navigation, catching on to the Internet mechanics, and focusing on what they are doing even with distraction afoot :) If you are having trouble navigating, setting up a profile, or just finding sites and searching (other than Googles help) get your children ages 5 and up :) to 20 plus, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to help you. They probably know more about the Internet than most and can actually sit with you and show you how to get going. We did make some helper videos on How To for Social Networks and Navigation if you would like to check them out at YouTube.

Sometimes adults online forget to focus and enjoy what they do, especially with Internet Marketing folks, sadly, it used to be more fun than work. Evaluate what you are doing and cut out the dreaded work stuff. Focus more on friends and the fun or the blogging if you are passionate about that.

Creation is cool! Make it fun, Make it very You, and remember that it is static (meaning it isn't readily going anywhere:)

To Be Continued...

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