Friday, August 15, 2008

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages?

Some Social Networks Attract by Age, while others have many ages from young to older.

Sites like Direct Matches attract a business minded crowd, generally between the ages of 20's to 30's through 50's and 60's. People with a business mindset, some Internet Marketers well known throughout the Internet, and others focusing solely on the Direct Matches site to market their online or offline businesses.

Other sites like Your Climbing for rock climbers will attract rock climbing enthusiasts, my guess is the ages here will be mainly in the late teens to 30 year olds ;) Some older of course, but maily around that age group. A "no brainer" you say? Pretty much just common sense. But what about Gaming Sites?

I think that Gaming choices are so varied that a blend of ages intermix in the gaming zones of the net. With card games, puzzles, MMORPGs, word games, mazes, and the like, every person has a favorite. With Ogre Island (my favorite lol), you play with everyone from senior citizens to very young children. The OI Staff keep the chat clean and it is a very family friendly game, free to play, and no download required :)

Various Social Networks Attract different age groups. MySpace has a healthy mix of age groups today but in the early days of MySpace, a lot of the younger crowd was attracted here mainly. Facebook started out in the late teen, twenty something crowd at first (when they were a college site strictly), but has progressed to include many ages along with organizations and groups set up for business, radio, Blogs and Social Networks, and Video Games and Gaming.

To Be Continued Tomorrow...

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