Monday, August 18, 2008

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages? Part 4

Social Networks Geared Toward Ages?

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Differences Between Adults and Kids Online

The biggest noticable difference between kids and adults online, is that kids really know how to focus! Kudos to the kids, they pick their handful of sites and social networks and blogs and focus on their friends at these sites. They seem to blog about their passions and what is important to them, which attracts other like minded teens. They seek out like minded friends with ease, lessons learned from the youth of the net are priceless :)

Speaking of the very young though, According to the Huffington Post , there was a recent poll of 8 to 15 year old that resulted in 20% having actually met online strangers in real life. The results here showed 750,000 kids aged 8 to 15 are bypassing age restrictions at social networks by misrepresenting birthdays when they sign up. Two-thirds of them also admitted to having posted their schools and cell phone numbers on their profiles. Likewise, I have known seniors to "fudge" on their ages in the other direction, but with the younger crowd, it can get dangerous. Be sure to keep tabs on your younger crowd out there :)

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