Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogs and Social Networks IMVU (free with a download) Now offering an IMVU prepaid credit card from Target and 7-11 stores.

Miss Greenbacks is the official banker here at IMVU and she also lets you know about the coolest of bundle packs available for your credit points and promo credits. The privacy settings are awesome at IMVU check them out and set yours up to suit you for open forum or total invisibility. Major kudos go out to the Fable Fans Group at IMVU. Ken Halo is an outstanding group leader so if you are interested in the game Fable, check out the members of this group at IMVU :)

IMVU has one of the sweetest YouTube videos for their bundle packs and promotions. Get new outfits, rooms, shades, jewelery, and more for your IMVU avatar.

IMVU inc will help you with security.

Charm gets you started making friends.

Lucky can show you how to make your avatar brilliant :)

You get started for free with a name Guest_Wavecritter (this is mine :) but yours will have the Guest_ part at first. If you purchase your avatar name, you can dispense of the Guest_.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me :)