Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blogs and Social Networks Music Sites

Project Playlist and Humble Voice are two outstanding sites. Project Playlist has been around for some time and in my opinion is the leader in widget based, carry your music to your blog or web site, music creator list based sites :)

Having a newer version that you can choose at Project Playlist is yet another update of the Internet Blogs and Social Networks World that I find notable. Project Playlist is now easier to navigate and now you can have your blog area to blog away about music or whatever. With 100 songs per playlist and as many separate lists as you want to take to any site via the Project Playlist HTML widgets, this sites portability and choice are hard to beat. Gain buddies, search for music by artist or title, use the pop out features of any playlist when you want to listen in, but not remain glued to the site.

Humble Voice on the other hand is still presently in Beta but watch this site grow by leaps and bounds! This is not only a music based site but an "Artist" site. A well thought out site for the "Arts" not only musicians and listeners but for photographers, videographers, writers, and "Creators" in general :) When creating your initial profile here at Humble Voice, you can choose between a photographer, writer, musician, videographer, artist, or other. Editing your profile is an optional detailed adventure (which I highly prize, this will give viewers a larger view of you and your work) or you can skip things and just tell a bit to keep it brief. Humble Voice has options to send messages, add friends, instant message right from the site (this will save you from having many other messaging systems open and focus more on the site you are on :), forward your profile to friends, bookmark, or block other users for privacy. Choosing photographer, muscian, artist, or writer allows you to add on multiple pages for a bit of a "web site" creation to showcase your imaginations.

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Stevie Haile aka Teen Girls Radio and Blogheiress :)