Friday, November 21, 2008

Blogs and Social Networks Last FM

Looking into some of the coolest of music blogs and social networks sites we came across Last FM. With music, radio, events, and charts for top weekly artists, Last FM has a whole site feel for everything music :) From one of the favorites at Last FM, Jason Mraz, to Marilyn Manson, Beethoven, The Beatles, Hoobastank, and No Doubt with everything in between.

Just set up and sign up for free. Type in a few of your favorite artists (this is more important than it originally seems) because last FM will then base all your recommendations (and they are awesome!) from your list to create you a personal playlist :)

Feel free to add to and subtract from as you go along. Click settings and a photo or other profile information, then add to your music and artist selections.

Tag adding or keyword tagging is a big draw here at Last FM. Google and other search engines eat these keywords up so be sure to tag away.

Browse events by the actual event posters (this is cool :) Give events shouts and see the recommended for you events. This is one of the coolest things about Last FM, they give brilliant recommendations on everything for you based on your list of artists, so be sure to include all your favorites from the start :)

Last FM does a lot of the thinking for you really in addition to being a breeze to set up and navigate, a totally stress free way to enjoy your music.

Connect your ipod or media player to Last FM or get Last FM on your iphone. For Windows, a quick download will get you connected no worries.

Theres forums, friends, groups, contests and promotions, and (drum roll please :), wiki pages too!

Free to register, add music, and usee all the main features at Last FM and they offer promotional features that are purely optional at a minimal cost. Widgets that you can customize with your recently listed tracks, overall top tracks, top artists, change colors, and automatically add this Last FM widget to your Live Journal or Netlog pages or embed the code is also available for other sites like Blogger.

Theres a taste-o-meter widget to compare your tastes with your friends, a Bebo widget, Facebook, radio player, and quilt widget to show your top albums! Nice. Last FM has the widgets going on for sure with recommendations and much more.

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Teen Girls Radio and Wavecritter Google Us :)