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Blogs and Social Networks HTML Graphic Sites

Blogs and Social Networks MySpace Comment and Graphics Sites

On our Blog Talk Radio Show we talked about MySpace Comments and graphics Sites called MySpace and other Social Networks HTML Code Comments. We hit on which Social Networks take which comments, which blogs house and play the HTML comments, which sites to go to for great Christmas comments, Days of the Week graphics, Howdy’s, Happy Faces, Awesome Jesus Graphics, where to find Racy comments for someone you Love, Friendship Graphics, Quote comments and more.

Some of the HTML comment sites will more Racy or even negative HTML comments so we will try to give you the heads up on these sites. Most of the HTML comment and graphic sites have mass advertising as there HTML comments, graphics, and layouts are free to use, they then have a way to fund their sites :) Most also have some sort of autoplay video, songs, or something to also advertise those types of media. Many sites for HTML graphics and comments also have layouts, backgrounds, contact tables, generators, and much more.

MySpace Junks

You can Google Search MySpace Comments, MySpace Graphics, or HTML Coments for a massive listing but is the first site we covered on our show.
MySpace Junks for comments also work well on the blog social networks at Ning. Many comment sites do not work well on the Ning site at present but most of the ones we will list here are fine :) MySpace Junks Thank You 4 The Add Comments, located on the right column side, also give you a step by instruction, so no worries with this site and the how to questions, they have the answers here. Graphics here can be used on MySpace, Xanga, Friendster, Live Journal, and personal websites or the Ning blog social networks. MySpace Junks has many awesome Christmas graphics so you won’t be stuck for a great one visiting this array of twenty-six pages of Christmas comments. They also have a good selection of Halloween, Easter, and St. Patricks Day graphics, with thirty pages of quotes as well. MySpace Junks has Carebears, Best Friends (BFF), and twenty-one pages of Happy Birthday comments. This site has only about a thirty percent content being somewhat on the racy side, so to avoid viewing any racy comments, don’t click on the catagories like sexy images, etc.

Pimp-My-Profile also has advertisements to fund their site, but again all of Pimp My Profile’s content is free to use. They have layouts as well for Friendster, MySpace, and The Forum Site. The “tweaking” feature here for layouts is beyond the best as it creates an area for non HTML users to actually fluff their profiles however they want. Pimp My Profile also has Spanish Language comments, an adder system that lets you post these graphic comments directly to MySpace pages, Friendster, Facebook, Orkut, Bebo, Tagged, WordPress, My Yearbook, and a long list of more blogs and social networks sites, also the BBCode to post on forum sites as well. Pimp My Profile has raining or falling graphic HTML codes that work great on MySpace, banner generators, surveys, and HTML generators who aren’t quite sure about HTML. At Pimp My Profile, look to the cool generators, layouts and tweaking them, and Spanish Language comments. They do not have a great selection where Christmas and religious comments come in, but it houses some of my personal favorite Thanks For the Add, Thanks, Thanks for the Comment Comments and layouts. About forty percent of the site is a bit on the mature side.

Wish A Friend

I have been visiting Wish A Friend for quite awhile and thought we would go over what they have to offer. First quote comments, beautiful Bible quotes, Christmas, and Halloween graphics, very family friendly site with very nearly a zero percent for racy comments and graphics. Good political comments are easy to find here as well, so if you are looking for an all inclusive, clean, family safe comments, polls, countdown clocks, calendars, poems, contact tables, raining or falling objects HTML code site, you have it with Wish A Friend. They have a choice of generators, clocks, Hi 5 layouts, MySpace smileys, Blogger templates, Friendster and Orkut fun, with an awesome selection choice. Ning blog social network friendly as well.

Cool Christian Graphics

Onto for some incredible choice layouts and graphics. This is a long to load sort of a site but is well worth the wait for selection. has some of the very best (my personal favorites are here) straight up Christian graphics around anywhere. A very large selection of the most unique and perfect Christian comments.

My Hot Comments

My Hot Comments has a great selection of Military comments, get well wishes, and comments for your significant others. My Hot Comments also has a good selection of ecards and layouts, but has a high percentage of more racy comments and graphics.

My Girly Space

The very first HTML comment and graphic site I visited was My Girly Space and this site is loaded with smileys, 3D chat, flash animation, MySpace cursors, Friendster editor, layouts, generators, My Girly Space news, applications like the very popular Bumper Stickers and Funny Quote of the Day or Random Fact of the Day applications, and of course, graphics, comments, and HTML to spare with a racy percentage of between thirty and forty.

Sparkle Tags

If you are looking for some unique, very cool HTML comments and graphics, Sparkle Tags will have just that. An outstanding choice of Military comments, generators, backgrounds, music skins, contact tables, and network banners along with Sparkle Tags videos and a host of great layouts. The fluttering butterfly graphics are very nice and hands down a winner. Sparkle Tags is also quite compatible with the Ning blog social networks, Hi 5, MySpace, Live Journal, and Friendster. They also have a free download toolbar for hot news, top links, online radio, fun gadgets, and a Google Search.

Comments Planet is a fairly high percentaged racy sort of site for anyone searching for a more mature comment or two.

Comments Heaven

A quick search for MySpace kids HTML comments and graphics found another great site, Comments Heaven. Free image hosting, quotes, greetings, sports, all about HTML graphics and comments here with a sprinkling of flash, MySpace, Hi 5 and Friendster layouts.

Profile Pitstop

With Profile Pitstop you can create a map, get quotes, HTML generators, MySpace layouts sectioned and categorized for guys, girls, retro, and simple, with every kind of MySpace help for coding and in general you will need to get your MySpace page in order. This is the big plus at Profile Pitstop.

MySpace Picture Codes

For a plethora of College Logo graphics, MySpace Picture Codes is the place that will house these HTML codes for you. Thirty one pages so your College is quite likely to be represented.

Now that you can locate these awesome profile comments and fun, leave a few on your friends pages to send them a smile, Happy Birthday, Good Monday, College Logo for their team, Thanks For The Add, or Get Well wishes. Some profiles are set to not accept HTML codes only text, these people are generally wishing to cut their page load times and some graphic images are in script instead of HTML. Many blogs and social networks don’t yet accept script. Blogger, Vox, Live Journal, Ning, and WordPress posts all like HTML graphic codes, so have fun with the coding.

Stephanie and Stevie Haile aka Wavecritter and Blogheiress Google Me ;)


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