Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blogs and Social Networks For Kids

Here is a short list of some of the cooler kid social networks available:

Kidzui: Actually a kid friendly browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. Free to download.

SpineWorld: An awesome and fun 3D Virtual World full of quests, chatting, friends, and more. Free to sign up and play with an upgrade option. Create your very own custom page, blog and more. Free to sign up.

Webkins: You will need a Webkins Pet Code for this site. Obtain one today by purchasing a Webkins Plushie or take a visit to the online estore for more options.

Neopets: Create your own Neopet and interact with games, friends, shops and more. Free to sign up and play.

imbee: The first social network for young people requires a parent to help you set up your account.

Disneys Club Penguin: Too much fun here, create your penguin, play games, dance and interact with friends. Free to sign up and play with an upgrade option.

BarbieGirls: Free to sign up and play with an upgrade option. Fun for girls, games, chat, and more.

OgreIsland: Ogre island is an online, no download family friendly chat based online role playing game that is great fun for any age. Free to play :)

Meez: meez is an awesome for any age 3D virtual world chat and game based social network, again for the whole family to enjoy. Free to play.

More to come...

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