Thursday, March 26, 2009

Updates on MySpace and MyYearbook Blogs and Social Networks

Updates everywhere where Blogs and Social Networks are concerned :)

Let's cover what's new with MySpace first :)

The MySpace music arena is a bit different in that the Project Playlist music selections widget is no longer allowed on our profiles at MySpace but never to worry :) MySpace has this totally covered complete with tutorial. Just click on the music tab and get set up :)

Your MySpace status and mood have been adjusted and now you can choose which icon goes with which mood, set it yourself :)

Commenting when someone comments you is easier now as you no longer need to visit their page to comment them :)

MySpace is updating their applications all the time and adding new ones as they move along!

The biggest news is the MySpace toolbar!!! Get yours today and read what Tom is saying about what this MySpace toolbar can do for you :)

MySpace also has the feature to create Photo Cubes right from MySpace now :)

Updates at MyYearbook:

You can purchase the Lunch Money currency at MyYearbook :)

No longer need to view profiles to give high fives or view pictures, etc.

Matches are worth $150 now :)

Captchas like at MySpace now to control the Spam problem and voting requests, causes, etc.

With Battles, if you win and own the picture, you get $1000 :)

Visit the cool newnesses with MySpace and MyYearbook and look us up!

Blogheiress and Wavecritter aka Stevie and Stephanie Haile Google us :)


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