Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bookmarking Keyword Phrase Blogs and Social Networks

Friend based Social Bookmarking sites like Newsvine, MyBlogLog, Digg, and to some extent the "Sharing Factor" of Google Reader, focus on the "Social" side of bookmarking, interactivity between members :)

Technorati is in a league of its own I think when it comes to social bookmarking sites. Technorati has its own rating system to determine your blog authority. If you want to "run with the big dogs" like Tech Crunch, People, LATimes, Google, and Boing Boing, get busy at Technorati. All of the "how to", FAQs, etc is on the site. It may take longer to get acquainted with this Social Bookmarking Social Network, but if you are looking for Technorati Notoriety it is time well spent.

Sites like Delicious (and some others) run Tags or Keywords together with no spaces between the words to create a Keyword Phrase, I think this is not as effective for Keyword recognition. Searching terms, most people do not tend to run the words all together, so you may miss on visitors.

Here's a quick Keyword Tip: Camel Back your Keyword Phrase, Capitalize the first letter in each word of your 3 to 5 word Keyword Phrase. "Blogs and Social Networks", "Bookmarking Social Networks", "Social Bookmarking Sites" :)

Here is a short list of some other cool Bookmarking Type Sites we like:

Zimbio may not seem at first like a Bookmarking Site, but it will surely gain you exposure on individual blog style articles and posts. List your blog sites here at Zimbio and categorize each post into a Wiki and see the change in traffic :)

That is basically what the Social Bookmark Sites do, gain traffic to your posts and then sites in the end :) For all the web sites you want to get back to using Any computer! Something to check into for those who travel or use multiple computers :)

Bookmarking sites can be social or just for your personal link lists! is one for you personally as is :)

So, there's Private Bookmarks, Groups, News Focused Sites, or the Multi Site Social Bookmarking Site like MyBlogLog.

Making up a list before you start looking for the multiple Social Bookmark Sites to find what end result you are seeking will help in your decision. Do you want a Bookmark Site for a list of saved pages so you can find them easily? or are you searching for ratings for your site? Take this list and whittle down starting with these two questions, you will quickly see which choices are best for you.

To find out even more on Social Bookmark Sites listen into our show Blogs and Social Networks Social Bookmarking or :)

Blogs and Social Networks Zimbio Digg and Technorati

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