Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogs and Social Networks Fun Niche Social Networks

We wanted to post a few of the more interesting and fun "Niche" social networks for everyone today beginning with a "blog" style social network Wikipedia "The Free Encyclopedia :)

Wikipedia is a directory of sorts full of information on just about any topic you can imagine (or you can create a topic of interest in a "wiki" format :)

Now, a "Wiki" format is nothing more than a "Blog" social network where many members of the Wikipedia Social Network Internet Nation get together and add relevant information to a category web space or "Wiki" so others can look up any subject to retrieve this information and share with their wiki buddies :)

And fitting to the post, we thought we would use the example of the word "Niche" and look it up on the Wikipedia directory for everyone.

From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A niche is the role of an organism in a habitat.

Niche may refer to:

* Niche (architecture), an ecedra or an apse that has been reduced in size
* Ecological niche, a term describing the relational position of an organism's species
* Niche market, a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector.
* Niche, a sub-genre of UK garage music
* Niche Science & Technology A health care communications company"

There are links on this particular Wikipedia page that you may want to visit as well to find out more and topics ranging as far the mind can reach waiting for you to add what you know or to begin a whole new idea :)

Moving along to Life Blob. "Lifeblob is a revolutionary service that allows you to connect, not only with your friends and family members but also share your life with places. Lifeblob is a visual chronicle of your life...

* Capture the beautiful moments of your life on a timeline
* Connect pieces of your life with your friends and family
* View the intersection of your life with your friends and family
* View your life from various perspectives
* Replay your life, like a movie"

The Timelines are inspiring and quite ingenious, useful, and resourceful. The intersection of timelines is really fascinating. I felt going through school was "lacking" in this area of explaining while Thomas Edison was working on his inventions, he was also friends with Helen Keller. Now you to can intersect your life moments with your friends and family to share while you away times :) Sign in for free with your Open ID, Yahoo, or Google accounts.

Onto Strip Generator. What a fun creation site this is :) Tell a story with little strips or a sort of "cartoon" or newspaper comics style. Free to sign up and create.

An example of an individual Strip Generator site is Life Snaps by Matzuo. "Life Snaps ... also allows me to make images of my thoughts instead of writing 'em , I love it , just shots, shots of my mind, of my life."

"A social networking-ish site for college students only." Called LymaBean :) Listen into their awesome "helper" video, it will get you sailing with the LymaBean site in no time! Check out "Behind The Bean", the Blog, and Business or Investors links at the bottom of the page as well, very interesting :)

Many more Niche Blogs and Social Networks to come :)

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter and Blogheiress Google Us :)