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Blogs and Social Networks Music Sites for Bands

Marketing the Band, Artist, or Musician, Rock Star, Group, Photographer, Singer or Songwriter online with Blogs and Social Networks will take time, patience, and perseverance ... a little bit each day, one step at a time :)

Depending on your budget of time and money, you can market your band 100% free (more time spent) or 50% free (financially more, a bit less time spent) ( fast tracking the blog platform (around 10 dollars or less a month I think) at a site like They will "host" your Wordpress blog so that advertising will not be misconstrued as "spam" :)

Secure the domains (Your Band from a site like all if you wish or just dot com (for your "main" site, the one you want most people to go to), dot info (for your blog), and dot net (for a big social network you choose) redirect these to the url from the blog, social network, or other site of yours.:)And check into getting the Trademark at USPTO.Gov/Main/Trademarks.htm
to "set your online security for your logo, name, etc. as yours :)

Starting your own Ning or Wetpaint social network at or is an on-going project (a slow and go OR a fast action, get it up and running in a week sort of project, but not crazy important if you do not have the time because these sites take a Lot of time :)

Connecting Twitter to your Facebook (no, you cannot have a Facebook for your band, but you can have a Facebook profile for yourself, then start a "Group" for your band :) Keep your reach connected for a triple dose to Google :)

Ok, here are some of the coolest social networks geared toward Bands more than listeners (well, some listeners more, but I will let you know which is which :)

Let's start with :) Humble Voice is a social network community of Artists and those who appreciate them. Yes, I said Artists (photographers, writers, singers, bands, fine arts, dance, painters, sketch artists, you name it :) This is an all inclusive artsy social network for the creative! Very cool site ... Two High Thumbs Up :) is a music social network to definitely check out if you are a band or musical talent to use to promote your sound. (of course :) The number one Music Social Network for Bands! This is a social network for musicians and music professionals. Take a tour right from the home page even before you sign up for free. (Oh...All these social networks listed are a free sign up deal :) This site allows for musicians to work in online recording sessions mixing tracks anywhere in the World. Find Musicians, Get Hired, or Create Virtual Bands :) Mix and edit audio in browser with online music software and compete in online remix and collaboration contests :) Yes, this one sounds like a keeper, check it out! being what it is, don't miss out setting up a profile here :) Last FM is a Staple, it has it's limits as all social networks do, but a definite music social network for bands to investigate and set up a profile at :) is an artist or separate fan set up site, meaning you can sign up as either an artist or a fan (most music social networks offer this as an option, but this one is cool) Submit your indie content with a lengthy list of genre categories :) is semi-similar to in being geared heavily toward the listener :) ProjectPlaylist has an embeddable widget player to take with you to your other blogs and social networks too :) in Beta is Rockin' Looking :) You will need Mac, Vista or XP; DSL or Cable Modem; Sound Card or Digital Audio Interface to get up and running here. Register free as an artist or a fan. This one looks like a keeper as well :) is a free sign up "Your Social Network and Music Store". Sell/Buy Music, Upload Tracks, R4Media gives you a personal URL (many social networks do, but worth saying to keep you consistent, meaning, I use wavecritter everywhere, you should always use your band name or the other major keyword or URL Domain name) to be consistent. is not a music social network but the best in my book for online musician supplies :)\ is an online community for musicians and artists and those who love them :) where artists, fans, and friends promote content and discover and share music. This site has an embeddable widget player to take with you to your other blogs and social networks too :)

To get more tips, sites, and suggestions on Music Social Networks for Bands listen into one of our Blogs and Social Networks Show on Music Sites :)

Blogs and Social Networks Music Sites for Listeners

Blogs and Social Networks Music Sites for Bands

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