Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blogs and Social Networks Fall Layouts and Graphics

As Blogs and Social Networks sites go, locating an impressive Fall or Autumn quality layout without the Fluff of the Holidays is a bit of a task in itself :) Stevie and I have done the research for you and will give you a bit of insight into where these Falling Autumn sites full of the coolest of HTML graphics, comments and Layouts or backgrounds are hiding.

The first one we found with an awesome assortment of both layouts for MySpace, Hi5, and Friendster was DazzleJunction(this is the link to the Fall Layouts page) and this is the direct link to the Fall HTML Graphics and Comments Page. 10 pages of Fall HTML Graphics and comments and 5 pages of layouts geared toward the Fall Season. For future reference, Dazzle Junction also has an outstanding selection of Layouts and Graphics for all times, Holiday, Season, or not. Glitter, generators, MySpace Tweaks (these are neat helpers) for when you want to center out your friends or comments box, hide your friends from other visitors, scroll through your friends and shorten the box, hide the detail box and more. With some added basic HTML and CSS How To to boot! Along with 2009 calendars and personalized avatars and be sure to add Dazzle junction to your list of MySpace Friends with the easy link just on the Dazzle Junction site if you dig their stuff.

All4MySpace offers layouts, codes, graphics, and news. All 4 MySpace has over 130,000 free MySpace Layouts choices and under the "Nature" Layouts they have a kickin' Brad Pitt Legends of the fall Layout (if you are a fan, you just have to see this one:) with over 28 pages of more Fall Layouts to choose from. Over 16 pages of MySpace Fall Graphics and over 5 pages of Glitter Fall Graphics. It would do you well to come here first or second in your search for the best Fall Layouts for you. Their selection is tremendous and the quality is tops as well.

All4MySpace also offers generators along with the premade or design your own layouts. A layout stealer too if you must "Have" your friends exact layout. is a site for layouts as well, but the real draw here, what makes them clever and unique is the selection of "Skinny" layouts you can get. It isn't such a cut and dry site and not quite as easy as the first two, but a small selection of great Fall Layouts.

We visited a few others like and found their site to have a small but cute selection of Fall design. has very little but some Fall Layouts. has a minor selection of Fall Layouts a few more than half are on the girly side, but if that is what you need, here you go. Satisfaction has some great art work but they are a bit on the link happy side.

Onto and, two of the drop all very hands down best Layout sites for Blogger (Googles Blogspot) and for MySpace Layouts.

Pyzam is the layout of choice for one of my favorite sites backgrounds Under-The-Sea

Check them out for a Blogspot blog sites layout, but be certain to put it up early in the creation, sometimes adding or changing out you Blogger background will delete the widgets you have created in the sidebar. I would give it a try and if they will be deleted (the widgets) Blogger will let you know before to give you an option not to continue. Best to set your blog up the way you would like it from the beginning.

Cool Chaser has the very easiest and a very large selection of MySpace Layouts and Backgrounds. Your selection is from a plethora of photos from sites like Flickr. So, a Fall Layout is really at your service here.

Enjoy the Seasons!

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