Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Podcasting and You

Podcasting allows you to publish audio or video on the web. Which then allows others to subscribe to your media and get automatic updates

Podcasting is really digital video and audio recordings that you make available to others online. Stevie and I will focus on computer based podcasting in this posting series, with sites like, Audacity, Utterz, and Blog Talk Radio.

ITunes is a major podcasters dream along with IPods, IPhones, and your PC.

ITunes is free to download and only takes just a few seconds.

Now, Blog Talk Radio is also free with no download required, but two very different usages here.

ITunes, generally podcasters "take" from this site meaning they download free podcasts, music, movies, TV shows, applications, and audio books from the ITunes Store seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day allowing people to sync their IPhones and IPods or just have the content on their PCs. Where Blog Talk Radios host users, like Stevie and I with Blogs and Social Networks, input good content for others to be able to download and play at their convenience and also download shows as well. So, there is more of a "give" and "take" at Blog Talk Radio than at ITunes. Listeners using Blog Talk Radio for news, information, entertainment, education, and when they find a really great show they want to subscribe to. They can do all of this at ITunes :) See how this all fits together? When you subscribe to a show on Blog Talk Radio using ITunes, you can be alerted or just have the new shows download automatically.

Also, with Blog Talk Radio, there is a free toolbar download option with easy access to log in, what shows are on the air live, whats popular, the best of Blog Talk Shows, and the Featured shows right now. Easy access to your favorites and friends lists on Blog Talk Radio :)

More To Come On Podcasting

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